Saturday, July 5, 2008

Leonard Patton

Press the play button to sample the songs! If you like, purchase the MP3 album. It's a great listen.

Every song is great! If you have time listen to each sample I recommend it, if not; the one's I found to be catching on the first listen were:

  • Crazy Face

  • Weird Nightmare

  • Redemption Song

I originally heard 'Weird Nightmare' on a GREAT album called 'Weird Nightmare, Meditations on Mingus'.

'Redemption Song' is a classic Bob Marley song.

Support Mr. Patton by purchasing his album in MP3 format today!

1 comment:

ann Campanella-Fleming said...

i wept when i heard this.. such a joy to hear that voice again after so much time passed.. luv u len..sounds amazing <3 <3 <3 ann eben(
where are you?